Frequently Asked Soru and Answers

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Yes. Unlike electrolysis, which is applied to the hair roots one by one, many hair follicles are destroyed with each shot and therefore the application time is much shorter.

Providing starting 4 weeks in the region where the application will be performed, root removal methods such as tweezers and waxing should not be used. In addition, sunlight and tanning should be avoided so as to significantly darken the skin tone. You can shorten your hair with razor in your body areas and scissors in your face area until 3 days before the application.

The most suitable candidate for laser epilation application is the light skin color and the ones with dark hairs. Since the laser light passes without damaging the skin and destroys only the hair root, it can be applied to sensitive skin.

Yes, the laser energy is a beam of a certain wavelength. This beam, which affects the hair root and passes without harming the skin, does not leave any residue in the body. For example, x-rays leave residual radiation in the body, and if too much doses are taken in a certain period of time, accumulation may pose a risk. However, there is no residue left by the laser light in the body, and therefore it is safe, it also has no carcinogenic effects. For this reason, as a result of years of examinations by the American FDA, Alexandrite type has been approved for harmless and epilation use.