About Us

As New HCS company, we are in the personal care sector. As a beauty center, we always strive to provide quality, reliable and healthy service to our valued customers by constantly renewing ourselves and we care about the satisfaction of our valued customers.

 As New HCS, we love our job and with great excitement for your satisfaction as a result of our years of experience. With the work we do, we offer you our services to respond to the needs of our valued customers in the best way and at the same time to benefit our customers from our healthy, quality services.

 Since we adopt to be the leader company in the personal care sector, we use products that are innovative for all our customers and companies that we serve, which prioritize the level of health and that have no side effects in terms of human health. With our honest, smiling and experienced staff, we serve our valued customers as New HCS.

 As New HCS, we would like to express our endless happiness to you, our valued customers, who you prefer us. As New HCS, our aim will be to appeal to more people and audiences in the sector we are in. By following the changing and developing technology every day, we get rid of the primitive methods and follow the technology. Thus, we welcome you with more time and easily applicable procedures.

Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care, Body Care, Stain Care, Oxygen Care, Carbon Peeling, Lymph Drainage, Passive Gymnastics, Cold Lipolysis (Regional Slimming), Regional Thinning, Hand-Foot Peeling, Permanent Makeup, Dermapen, Silk Eyelash, We are happy and proud to have become a preferred center by providing beauty and care services in the areas of Tattoo Removal, Kaş Design and reaching you in a short time.

Our beauty center, which closely follows all developments in the Aesthetics and Beauty sector, brings together our customers with the most accurate use of technology. With our enthusiasm on the first day, we always continue our way with a smiling, hygienic and disciplined understanding; We continue our way by keeping the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level and providing the same quality services and products to our new customers, which they are also reference.

Experienced experts work in our hall where you can find everything about Aesthetics, Beauty and Care. New HCS Beauty Center, which provides services for all needs in the best way by using technology in the most accurate way with high technology devices, is also a center you can visit at any time with affordable prices and campaign options.