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Explanation :

Neatly groomed hands and nails improve your overall appearance, and the strange-looking manicure and rough skin will surely leave a negative impression. A fresh and beautiful manicure makes you look elegant and attractive. Manicure improves the health and texture of your nails and makes the skin of your hands soft and nourishing, besides, it makes you feel comfortable.

Manicure pedicure is professional care applied for the health and beauty of our hands, feet and nails. Care of manicure, hand and fingernails; pedicure is the treatment and care methods applied for the health and beauty of the toenails.

The history of manicure treatment dates back to about 5000 years. The process that started with the use of henna nail polishes in India then moved to China. The Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi continued the development of the manicure thanks to the value she gave to her nails. The most striking details took shape in France in 1975. French manicure, now known as “French”, is a cosmetic care that brings natural appearance of the finger nails to the top with a few magic touches. Just like in the picture.