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Explanation :

Relief is the process of dyeing some tufts in the hair to a color that is 1-6 tones different from the hair color. With reef, the hair is dyed in very small tufts so that the hair color looks much more natural and energetic. Highlighted hair, especially preferred by brown or wheat skin, creates a warmer look. You can dye your hair to lighter colors and get assertive looks thanks to the sheer shades. 

How to make relief?

Shape your hair

Since the refining process is applied to certain parts of the hair, it shows a different appearance when your hair is open and you shape it. If you always give your hair a certain shape, determine where the highlights will come by shaping your hair before the touch-up process. Also, make sure that the strips to be thrown in the process you do do not look thick.

Pay attention to the color selection

You need a hair opener or a few tons of light dye from your hair for the sheer treatment you will apply to your hair. The most important thing is that the color of the sheer you will apply to your hair is not a very irrelevant and light