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Blow Dry

Explanation :

The bun appears as an indispensable type of women's hairstyles. Our salon makes models with and without tongs, messy, braided and many kinds of bun for your hair. You can use the curling iron that you can have curly hair and the hair dryer that will make your hair look long, in the best way. When we go to the hairdresser, we go out of the salon as a completely different person. Our hair officially looks much cooler, brighter and voluminous. But it is almost impossible to take the same blow dryer at home! Although we use strong hair combs and brushes used in hairdressers, we cannot manage to blow dry like a hairdresser.

First of all, let's start with tips! As you know, when we go to the hairdresser, we usually wash our hair beforehand. Of course, during this washing, products such as cream and masks are applied to our hair. So the main stage starts here. When you shampoo your hair, apply a hair mask or conditioner to the ends of your hair after shampooing your hair. Then rinse well. Thus, your hair will be both soft and comfortable.

We do not recommend you blow dry the dirty hair, your hair may not catch the voluminous look you want due to the oil. However, if you do not have time to wash your hair, you can wet your hair by filling it with a spray bottle. Then dry your hair, but 80% of your hair must be dry before you blow dry. 80% of the dry is very important for fixing the hair dryer.