Hair Dye

Different hair types differ in the coloring process. What to consider is whether the hair is thick or thin. Thick hair is longer in dye absorption, so dyeing takes longer. Since the thin hair will absorb the paint more easily, the coloring time will be shorter. The paint is absorbed very quickly if it is on dry or permed hair. Come to our salon for dyeing application in the most correct way without damaging your hair ...

Every woman may want a different color from her hair. In addition to being a very lively desire, this can also be done by necessity to remove gray hair. In this article, we will explain what should be considered in dyeing the hair for any reason.
Hair coloring is quite common. Hair dyes have become a vital necessity for us women. Nowadays, women want to see a change in themselves when they look in the mirror with the effect of advertisements and they either take the breath at the hairdresser or paint themselves at home by buying hair dye from cosmetologists. Remember that the first thing women do in times of a little depression is to have their hair cut or dyed.

Especially for working women, spending time at the hairdresser is not possible due to early morning hours, while hair coloring at home is more preferred than the time spent in the hairdresser due to the limited time. In addition, due to the economic crisis and unemployment in recent years, hair dyeing processes have started to be done mostly in homes to be more frugal. In this article, I would like to tell you a little bit about what to look out for when dyeing hair at home.

We know that hair; It is one of the most important factors that determine the facial expression and face of all of us, women, men, young and old. The shape given to the hair and the color of the hair are important in terms of emphasizing the characteristic features of the person. Sometimes an innocent air with a fringing, another day the impression of unruly youth with asymmetrical cuts, a female appearance with jet black hair, a wild charm with crimson hair… Here are all these small but very effective hair details that we need to pay attention to life. In this regard, in addition to the information I have given you about hairstyles and small tips, I also have explanations about hair colors. We may have liked the hair color we see on TV, on the Internet or on someone on the street. However, it is not possible for every hair color to match our skin. If it is important to look beautiful, stylish and well-groomed, it is useful to think mathematically and logically. For this, we should listen to the opinions of hair experts and experienced people who are knowledgeable about this subject. Perhaps it may be enough for our hair to remain natural or to add a few shimmer to the dye instead of dyeing.