Hair Design

With the latest trends, it will carry the hair designs you dream of beyond your dreams. It is not difficult to have a flawless appearance on your hair, each thanks to its expert team.

Keratin is a substance made up of protein and amino acids, which is also found in human body (nails, hair, etc.). Therefore, keratin provides a perfect combination with hair, both aesthetically and hygienically. It is the most preferred hair extension and thickening technology all over the world, especially in Europe and America. The most important feature of keratin is that it is resistant to heat. It can easily blow-dry, does not melt and stick. Thanks to its special solution, it can be separated easily without wearing hair.

Does Keratin Source damage hair?

Since keratin is derived from human protein and amino acid, it is not possible to damage the hair. Keratin welding is the most demanding and laborious of other hair welding methods.

It should be made with premium pure keratin with very fine tufts. Keratin welding should only be done by a professional hair welding specialist. Otherwise the results can be very serious.

Keratin welding is a hair welding method that should be preferred in very fine hair. The person who will have a hair source should talk to all of the alternative hair extension systems together with the hair welding specialist and decide together with the hair source to be applied keratin welding or bead welding.

One of the most important issues for women is hairstyles. Surely every lady has a style that is her own. Her hair also has a special place in this style. It is one of the reasons for being happy. Well-groomed and beautiful hair always makes you look beautiful and different. A lady should choose the most suitable hairstyle that suits her. It is both to suit and easier to use.

In this regard, women's hairstyles differ from person to person. The facial features of a lady are one of the most important details about the shape and color of her hair. Because the face line decides on the haircut. In this way, the most suitable hairstyle that can go to the face will be shaped. Easy hairstyles that do not tire the person are also preferred. These models will both look stylish and take shape easily. It is a fact that well-groomed hair makes the job of women easier in every respect. Hair looks more beautiful and stylish goes through the care done.

The bangs hairstyles, which are preferred by women, are also a stylish detail that determines its style. There are also beautiful models for you to choose from as the bangles. Having a model that can go to the face and style of the lady in this selection will make her look more beautiful. Hair design suggestions are about today's hair fashion. It is among the preferences of the person that the short hair is in trend, and it appears with different cuts. It will make her long hair look healthier and more beautiful by combining it with design in the same way.