Hair Cut

It is very important to make sensitive and appropriate decisions about the hair. Our salon performs your dream cut by showing the hairstyle that best suits your face shape.

Short hair can be a big good for many women, but a large audience also loves short hair. In fact, they are very right, short hair reveals people's facial features. It makes your facial features look pretty and dominant. This is not the only beauty, of course, the biggest factor in being loved; they are effortless. You say goodbye to your hair for hours, to dry for a long time when you get out of the bathroom, and the ends are broken, with short hair. Especially in this summer, there is no problem with excessive comfort and sweating. When I take a shower, my hair does not dry out and I can not leave the house. There are many good things in short and it does not give women a masculine atmosphere as it is thought.

If you want to create a new image for yourself without shortening your hair, how about using cardamom? You can cut your hair right above your eyebrows or just under your eyebrow for a suitable fringe cut for long face shape. For people who want to innovate in their hair but cannot cut their hair shorter, bangs will be a very logical option.

Editor's recommendation: It is very important that the fringed hair looks voluminous and plump so that it does not stick to the face. If your hair is not as full and thick as before, do not forget to use Vichy Densi Solutions Serum to concentrate on your hair. You can apply this hair care serum, which gives volume and fullness to thin hair, by spraying the scalp 5 times.

Folded haircut helps you show the long facial line more proportionally. To make the hairstyle look voluminous, you can try the wavy hair, wavy hair, wavy hairstyle.

If you have a long face, instead of making your hair straight, you can balance the long face line by using more wavy, long bob hairstyles. You can also add layers to highlight the wave of your hair. To balance the long face shape, you should evaluate the folds more at ear level. So you will be able to show your long face shape shorter by using the wave of your hair.