Hair Coloring

Different hair types dyeing options differ. What you have to consider is whether the hair is thick or thin. Thick hair is more time to absorb dye, this process takes longer. Since thin hair will absorb the paint more easily, the dyeing time will be shorter. The paint is absorbed very quickly if it is on dry or permed hair. We welcome you to our salon, without dyeing your hair correctly.

In this section, I will tell you about the things you need to pay attention to while dyeing hair at home. Do not forget that after dyeing your hair, half of the color of this dye will disappear at the end of the first week in any case. During the coloring, the outer protective part of the hair is opened and the paint is absorbed. If you clean your hair before this part is closed, too much loss of color will occur. Do not wash the dyed hair for the first 24 hours after dye to cover the outer protective part of the hair. If you are going to have dyed hair washing, you should definitely choose shampoos with color protection.

  • Note that the color you choose will not look the same on your hair, and the color of your hair will change that color.
  • If you have dark hair, you should lighten your hair for a light hair. However, do not forget that the hair opening process is very harmful to the hair.
  • Hair dyes cause a lot of damage to the scalp. So it is quite good to dye hair when your hair is oily. If a dye will be applied to clean hair, shea butter oil that you will apply to your scalp will be very useful and will prevent the paint from damaging your scalp.
  • The desired yield and colors may not be obtained in damaged, dry and neglected hair. You can care for your hair before applying paint. For this, you can use substances such as vitamin B5, keratin, vitamin e.
  • The paint mixture should be applied immediately after preparation. The paints oxidize and deteriorate if they come into contact with air, so do not soak the open-mouth paint.
  • Henna hair can also be dyed, but you can take action without forgetting that henna will change the dye color and reduce the effect of hair dye. It is better to dye the henna hair twice in a row.
  • In permanent dyes, if you plan to dye your hair, you should wait at least 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, your hair may wear out.
  • The application of temporary dyes is different, unlike permanent dyes, the hair must be freshly washed. Temporary hair dyes are applied to damp hair.
  • If you think serious color changes in your hair, act consciously for this. don't bother to get bored afterwards. Please note that hair color does not change very often, too frequent color changing, too much processing affects hair health very negatively.

I am against the dyeing of the hair if whites were not formed before passing on to information such as which hair colors are suitable, who should choose which shades. Hair color is considered an accessory, but no accessories do so much damage when removed. Under the title of "Ay┼če Tolga Good Life", I underline that it is harmful to color hair especially often and in contrasting colors, since I do not include any unhealthy suggestions and information. Today, I recommend natural dyes for those who want to dye their hair or have to dye in terms of aesthetics. No formation in our body, even a single cell has no return. In this respect, I recommend you to try to protect them without deforming them.