The Most Useful Kitchen Decorating Ideas

2020-05-22 15:50:22

The kitchen is the heart of a house. That's why kitchen decoration is more important than any other room. Because kitchen decoration should be useful, aesthetic, functional, stylish and high quality. We take this as a priority in our works in Antalya architecture for many years. Considering that men also spend time in kitchens as much as women in recent years, it is obvious that kitchen decorations should be made in more detail. The time spent in the kitchen, which is one of the most frequently used areas of the house, should give the person peace of mind above all. The first way to enjoy your kitchen is to decorate it beautifully. Therefore, we would like to share our ideas with you in the field of Afyon kitchen design.

Fine Details in Kitchen Decoration

The first step of a beautiful place starts with the choice of colors. So you should first decide the color of your kitchen. While doing this, walls, kitchen cabinets, white goods and furniture should be your priority. The fashion of the new year is now more vibrant and bold colors. Therefore, you can get rid of white or tan stereotypes by using colors such as green, blue, pink, orange, red on your walls and kitchen cabinets. You can also evaluate metal gray, black, purple, green colors within your budget in your white goods. Today, many brands now offer different color alternatives than white goods. At this point, if your kitchen is narrow, white tones will make your kitchen look bigger than it is. In this case, you can revive your kitchens by using vibrant colors in hangers, shelves and accessories.

The bright environment always gives people relief. So make sure your kitchen is bright enough. If your window is small and does not get enough light, try to illuminate it with lighting products. You can achieve a brighter environment by using spot lights instead of the ceiling chandelier. You can illuminate the top of your table with a pendant chandelier and get a stylish and useful table.

Based on our Afyon furniture design experience, we would like to point out that walls are very important in a useful kitchen. The more storage and storage space in the kitchen, the better. For this reason, you can use the walls of your kitchen more actively with shelves, hangers. You can make corners more useful with storage cabinets. In fact, the use of ceilings in kitchens has increased in recent years. You can save space by storing products that you do not use too much and that you cannot fit in cabinets on ceiling hangers.

One of the prominent details in our Afyon architecture solutions is that the kitchens are small. If your kitchen is small, you have to use every area more efficiently. For this reason, you can equip the idle areas with functional cabinets and get more storage space. With our Antalya furniture design solutions, we can design and manufacture functional cabinets that are specific to any area.

The choice of furniture is important in kitchens as in other rooms and directly affects the usefulness of the kitchen. If you wish, you can use functional, useful, modular furniture instead of fixed kitchen furniture. You don't have to use standard tables and chairs. You can use smaller or wider furniture depending on the size of your kitchen. Kitchen furniture that will not restrict your movement area makes your job easier. In this regard, you can make your color choices according to your dreams and choose the shades you will enjoy.

In our Antalya kitchen design experience, we saw that the doors usually open into the kitchen. This occupies unnecessary space in the kitchen. In order to use this area covered by the doors more efficiently, you can remove your door completely and use beaded, thread, curtain door models. If there is no problem, you can also open your door to the outside. Or you can replace it with sliding, folding or accordion doors that take up less space. In this way, you open a large area in your kitchen.

Area Properties and Budget in Kitchen Decoration

Unfortunately, when planning a useful kitchen decoration, the biggest mistake is ignoring the dimensions and shape of the kitchen. Many people think that the kitchen designs and products that they see and like on the internet will remain in the same aesthetics in their own kitchen. But when the work is poured into reality, it will not be easy to adapt the visuals to the kitchen. Therefore, you should definitely consider the dimensions of your kitchen. Secondly, it is how much budget you can allocate. Today, there are kitchen furniture, white goods, kitchen cabinets for almost every quality and budget. Therefore, you can direct your decoration designs with these two elements. You can get all kinds of support from our company that provides architectural plan, project, design and application services.