Meaning of Colors for Spaces

2020-05-22 15:47:19

The feeling that each color makes on people is different. It is necessary to balance color distribution well indoors. When you consider your lifestyle, you can revive what kind of place you want to live in your mind. So how about living in a living world?

First, let's take a look at what color expresses what emotion.

Blue: Peace

Red: Energy and passion

Yellow: Enthusiasm and efficiency

Green: Harmony, comfort, trust

Purple: Splendor

Gray: Balance

White: Nobility

In general, although every color expresses a feeling, a balanced and tireless look is ideal for living spaces. But if you are bored with routine and want to create your home with an extraordinary design, catch the harmony of contrast colors. By using colors such as green-red, blue-orange, purple-yellow, you will make a balanced combination and achieve harmonic harmony.

From the texture of the materials you use to the plant you choose, it is possible to use colors more vividly and with emphasis. For example; With the large leafy Monstera plant and Fox Amazon, which carries the traces of nature on it, you can create a lively and living space by using a yellow berjer with it.

You can make colorful choices not only in your furniture, but also in wall colors, carpet. You can add mobility to the house by painting one wall of the hall in red. To add some calmness to the vitality of red, you can get help from the calming effect of green and the grays.

A positive, colorful and vibrant world is waiting for you.