Herbal Secrets to Replicate Eyelashes

2020-03-20 09:50:06

Lashes are very important for the eyes to have a beautiful look. Every woman wants to have long and healthy eyelashes. This is only possible by applying certain treatments. Thanks to herbal glazes that will replicate the lashes, it is possible to have perfect lashes. For this, the right products should be used in a detailed and orderly manner.

Eyelashes can fall out due to disease or various factors. Minimizing or completely stopping these spills is possible with auxiliary elements. Thanks to these methods, which are also used for lash duplication, bright, vivid and lush lashes can be obtained.

Plants That Can Be Used For Eyelash Care
There are also various oils that can be used to increase the lashes. Thanks to these oils, the eyelashes are both thick and thicker. Castor oil and almond oil are among these products. How do eyelashes multiply? The question is often asked by women. Below are detailed plants that can be used to increase the lashes.

Green tea
Green tea is among the first answers to the question of how to increase the lashes. This tea, which prevents eyelashes from falling out, gives effective results if applied to eyelash roots. After the green tea is brewed, it should be applied to the eyelash roots with the help of cotton and the eyelashes should be absorbed green tea. It can be easily applied without any rinsing process. Green tea also helps the eyelashes thicken, thicken and multiply in a short time.

Olive oil
Among the eyelash duplication methods, olive oil is one of the frequently used methods. Olive oil applied to the eyelash roots reveals its nourishing effect and also helps increase the eyelashes. Since olive oil is a natural solution for long-term use, there is no limit on quantity. With the help of cotton, you can feed the olive oil on your eyelash roots and make them feed.

Another important plant among the eyelash growing plants is garlic. This plant, which must be applied after thinning with different oils, is one of the important methods for removing eyelashes. When crushed garlic is used alone, it can cause causes such as burning or living. For this reason, olive oil or castor oil are among the oils that can be used for thinning purposes.

One of the effective herbs for the growth of eyelashes is thyme. After the thyme is beaten and powdered, it should be mixed with olive oil and applied to the lash bottoms. Thanks to this method, which can be used as a cure, long-term uses can be achieved. Thyme without any side effects should be used with pure olive oil.

Indian Oil
Castor oil has been used for hair growth for lashes since ancient times. It is preferred especially because it can be applied alone. People can apply this product directly without thinning and they should wait for the result. Women who used this oil stated that their lashes were observed to be high in a short period of time.

Almond oil
Almond oil is an ancient method used for the growth of eyelashes. This method, which is used on both hair and eyebrows, can be easily applied for eyelashes. It is possible to renew the reduced or completely spilled eyelashes with almond oil. Almond oil is among the products that are used alone and do not require thinning. When applying this product, almond oil is applied to cotton or applied to the eyelash roots with the help of ear cleaning stick. After waiting for a certain period of time, the application to the washed eyelashes should be done no more than 2 times a week. It can be observed that the lashes have become seriously thick in a period of maximum 2 months.