Eyelash Extension Methods

2020-03-20 09:49:00

Eyelash; It is one of the areas that make the eyes, eyebrows and face look beautiful. In order to obtain a pleasant image, this region must be well maintained and carried out with the right products. Thanks to the eyelash extension methods, it is possible to both maintain the eyelashes and ensure their lengthening. Various methods have been tried to lengthen eyelashes for many years. Of course, it will not be possible to mention that all these methods are effective. Now with the methods we will talk about, you can reach your desired eyelash size and shape your eyes as you wish with your makeup materials.

Almond oil
One of the first methods for eyelash extension is almond oil. Almond oil is among the methods used in hair and eyelashes. If there is no healthy lengthening of the lashes, there is no drawback in the application of this completely natural method. To lengthen your lashes, take 1 teaspoon of almond oil in a bowl and leave it at room temperature. Then start applying almond oil to your eyelash roots with the help of the ear stick. Since your eyelash roots will need air after application, you should wait for half an hour. After waiting, you can wash your face with warm water and apply this method at least 2 times a week.

Indian Oil
The question of how the eyelash grows is among the frequently asked questions. One of the alternatives that can be applied after almond oil is castor oil. Thanks to this method, which is frequently used in hair or eyebrow extensions, it is also possible to have long lashes. For this you need to know how to apply castor oil. You should apply 1 teaspoon of castor oil to your eyelash roots with the help of an applicator and wait 15 minutes. After waiting 15 minutes, you should rinse the oil with warm water without touching the eyes. Since castor oil has a very burning feature, it should definitely be avoided from eye contact. This application should be carried out at most once a week.

Argan oil
The other alternative to people asking how to lengthen the eyelashes is argan oil. It is known by many people how effective the argan oil is. This product, which has a hair-extending effect, also helps the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. The use of argan oil should be sensitive. Therefore, you should be careful and avoid contact with eyes. As with other oils, you should apply argan oil to the eyelash bottoms with the help of an applicator. The waiting time for Argan oil should be short. After waiting for a short time, the oil should be completely cleaned and applied at least 2 times a week.

Olive oil
One of the most natural methods to lengthen the lashes is olive oil. When pure olive oil is applied to eyelashes, washing is not required. Therefore, it is quite different from other oils. This oil, which is also suitable for eye area care, can be applied completely on the eyelid as well as on the eyelash bottoms. After applying olive oil, you can sleep and wash your face when you get up in the morning. The eye area will already have absorbed all the olive oil. You can apply this method at least 3 times a week and make your lashes grow longer.

What should I stay away from?
Women who want their lashes to grow longer should pay attention to certain points and stay away from certain factors. These factors are listed below.

You should not use mascara and avoid eyelash curlers.
You should take care to comb your lashes and keep them moist.
Rubbing the eyes can cause eyelashes. For this reason, you should definitely be sensitive to the lashes.
If you have applied make-up, you should clean it regularly and leave no mascara residue on the eyelash.