Color Harmony in Decoration

2020-05-22 15:46:30

The importance of colors is striking in the home decoration. Because when the right colors come together, it can produce more wonderful results than you can imagine. Contrast colors, or more balanced tone trials, in particular, create a strong harmony, bringing the home style to the top of the line.

Balance is Important for Ideal Color Distribution

If you want to take over your home from the beginning, you should make choices that reflect you about colors, but use these colors in a balanced way. It is important that the colors of the house reflect you because colors are the easiest way to reflect personal tastes and interests in living spaces where long time is spent. At this point, it is important to determine an effective distribution in colors. The proposal of most architects is to set 3 colors for the room, two of these colors should be close to each other, and the other should be chosen from opposite colors. You can set the main furniture in two primary colors and achieve a balance throughout the house. In addition, by choosing an accessory in contrasting color, you can both create a focal point for the home and take a bold approach.

How to Use Pastel and Dark Colors?

The pastel colors that we often encounter in bedrooms, rest rooms or study rooms create a soft atmosphere with a soothing effect. You can use dark accessories or wallpapers to add a little energy and sophistication to pastel colors, which is an ideal choice for creating a peaceful and spacious living space. If you are one of those who call my favorite dark tones, you are lucky. Because dark colors with their masculine and characterful postures create a strong splendor in living spaces. However, since only using dark colors will cause a dark and gloomy appearance, small color games should be included. For this, you can choose strong colors such as red and purple to revive dark colors. One last piece of advice is if you have a black shade, you should use this dominant color in larger areas.