3D Microblading Eyebrow Design

2019-11-18 13:34:53

Eyebrows determine the expression and contours of your face. The shape your eyebrow takes shows your mood and makes you look younger. Eyebrows usually come out sparsely because they are erratic and constantly removed. Coloring can only be a short-term solution because eyebrow hairs last about four weeks. For this reason, Microblading 3D Bristle Technique offers you the ideal solution. Eyebrows made with Microblading 3D Hair Technique give your face an aesthetic appearance with its natural smooth and full appearance. Microblading 3D Hair Technique is very popular with those who complain about the thinning of their eyebrows, who want to make the shape of the eyebrow more thick, or change its shape.

It is indistinguishable from your real eyebrow with the result of 3D Microblading application. With this technique applied, the image of natural hair is given.


Silk eyelash application is a method that increases the length and thickness of real eyelashes.

Prepared from silk, these false silk lashes are individually glued to the real lashes on the upper eyelid with a special medical adhesive. The thickness and length of the silk lashes are determined according to the person's eye structure. Meaningful looks emerge as a result of the application, which takes approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Our lashes are poured 1 to 2 times every 2-3 months, leaving their place to new lashes. Depending on the system, these special lashes added to each lash are also poured together with those in this natural spill phase. Our silk lashes are also shed only in this way. In monthly maintenance, we do not reduce the area by adding to the lashes that replace the lashes.

Since the application is planted at the end of the eyelash, the bottom of the eyelashes gets air. Since the lashes are made of silk material, they are extremely soft and light, there is no excess and discomfort after application. In addition, since special medical adhesive is used, it is hypoallergenic, has no side effects to the eye and is applied safely even to sensitive eye area.

Silk lashes are quite difficult to distinguish from the fact that they are made of silk that most closely resembles the true lash structure. After the application, your lashes will look quite natural, lush, long and thick. Moreover, when you take a bath or clean your makeup, your silk lashes are not damaged, they do not fall off.

When the application is done correctly and regularly maintained, silk lashes can be used for an average of 90 days, depending on the growth of the natural lash. However, as the eye can be rubbed by hand or real eyelashes or silk eyelashes may fall out during this period, the application of false silk eyelashes should be maintained at certain intervals.

The application of adding silk eyelashes, which is one of the new trends of the beauty concept, will save you from the hassle of makeup first of all, you will not need to use mascara because silk lashes look very beautiful even without mascara!